A Brief History of My Hair

The Dr. Humor Building I wore my hair black for years, before moving on to greener (blonder, pinker, and bluer) pastures. This photo was taken in April 1997 (right after a previous employer required me to cover up my green hair) in Asheville, NC. Asheville is renowned for its tremendous turn-of-the-century architecture downtown. Like this, the Dr. Humor Building. It's probably really pronounced "Drhumor," but I like it better as "Dr. Humor."


Green Hair This shot, from January 1997, is about the best I have of my green hair. It was taken at the Cloister, a wonderful museum of medieval religious architecture in northern Manhatten. The scan is much less vibrant than it looked in real life. When sunlight hit my hair, it glowed. I'd never been so happy with my appearance. Of course it turned everything it touched green -- my pillowcases, towels, hairbrush and fingernails -- but who cares?


Teal Hair Some friends say they liked the teal hair best. I liked it, but it faded out even faster than the green and looked really silly when it got too light. This is the photo I used to do the big face on the front page of this site.


White Hair I did actually get my hair much whiter than this once, but alas I didn't get a good photo of it. The dog in this photo is Noël, a foster dog I got to keep for two weeks for Second Chance Pet Adoptions. She was a sweetheart. They are an excellent organization by the way. I highly recommend them if you live in central NC and are looking for a pet, or better yet, looking for a way to help unwanted pets.


Blue-Haired Potato Girl I don't have a photo of myself with blue hair -- just this photo of a potato wearing a lock of my hair. Why is a potato person wearing my hair? If you're thinking that you don't want to know, you're probably right. But if you're a glutton for punishment, you can see the whole potato family.

Coming soon: photos of my hair pink, purple, and maybe, just maybe, my natural color!

For even more embarrassing self-indulgence, check out my dogs' page.



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