Hi! If you are looking for photos for Illona Staller, otherwise known as Cicciolina, you are on the wrong page. All you will see here are photos of my dogs. Try The Official Cicciolina Fan Club if porn is what you're after.

Love me, Love my Dogs

I am one of those people who baby their pets and spoil them so rotten, if I ever had real children I'm sure they would turn out to be monsters. I bend over backwards to make my dogs happy and comfortable, and with my motley gang, that takes a lot of bending! Here they are:

LenaThis is my dog Cicciolina. We call her Lina for short, or we call her Houdini dog, because she can climb over or dig under any fence mankind has ever created. Honestly, there is no fence that can hold her. She can climb up chain link, or dig under concrete blocks. If Lina were a human, she would be an escape artist at the circus, or maybe the greatest espionage agent the world has ever known. Luckily for civilization, she's just a dog and so her concern is not to steal the secrets of foreign governments, but to get back into the house.

ThirteenAnd here's a picture of Thirteen, my oldest. She's hiding under the table in almost every picture I have of her, because she had a very rough childhood and is terrified of people. The first few years, she almost never came out from under the furniture. Now she likes to sit on her bed in the living room, to be near me and Lina, but if I move too suddenly she still runs and hides. This is after seven years! It's tough sometimes to have a dog who's so neurotic, but Thirteen is so sweet that she's worth it to me.

Senor NuttyLast but not least, Señor Nutty. He is the youngest of our brood, and he has the "Benji" look that makes it easy for him to get whatever he wants (which most of the time is love). Like all our dogs, Nutty was rescued from less-than-ideal circumstances. Nutty is the neediest dog of all -- he doesn't care about playing, all he wants is to sit in your lap and be petted all day. Nutty lives with Sean now, but comes to visit whenever he can.


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